Terms Of Service

01. BestFastpay.com user need to agree our terms of service for using our service.

02. No user can cancel order when submited user orders.

03. BestFastPay has the right to refused further services to the users anytime.

04. We don't allow fake email users to access BestFastPay.com

05. No user can request to refund. We don't allow refund.

06. When using the services of the Service BestFastPay.com, User confirms that legally owns and manages cashes.

07. For Skrill $0.60 Fee will be deducted if someone order it for under $30.

08. We don't allow Cryptocurrency.

09. BestFastPay.com does not sell any currency / dollar itself, only acts as a medium.

10. If the order is not complete for some reasons your money will be refunded in the sender user account.

11. BestFastPay.com don't allow-

1. Cryptocurrency 

2- Money laundering.

3- Income from drug trafficking.

4- Income from criminal and terrorist activities.

5- Income from any other illegal activities.