Terms Of Service

1. BestFastpay.com reservation services performed by the User by sending a request through the Service website.

2. Management of the exchange process or receive information on the implementation of services to users are done with an appropriate user interface located on the website of the Service.

3. Accounting of transactions with electronic units is done by the Service in accordance with the regulations, rules and format corresponding to the system of electronic payments.

4. Any completed operation carried out by the Service User Application, considered irrevocable, ie It can not be canceled by the user after its completion - your receipt due to him on previously accepted by the terms of the deal.

5. In the case of non-users of electronic units of one hour from the time of acceptance of the User on the details provided by the Service Agreement on the terms specified in the Order, the Service shall be deemed terminated unilaterally as the not yet entered into force, without notifying the user.

6. Service has the right to bring to fulfill its obligations outsource.

7. Service is entitled to cancel the operation being performed and restore for users to make electronic unit and / or financial resources c reimbursement commissions Systems electronic payment without further explanation.

8. Service has the right to refuse further service to the user in the event of a User any of the paragraphs hereof.

9. All subsequent applications by the user after a denial of service in the future services to users automatically frozen.

10. Service has the right to delay the execution of a transaction prior to the identification of the User, by means of telephone calls, as well as in other ways that do not contradict the current legislation.

11. When using the services of the Service BestFastPay.com, User confirms that legally owns and manages cash and electronic currency participating in the respective payment.

12. For Skrill $0.60 Fee will be deducted if someone order it for under $30.

13. We don't allow Cryptocurrency.

14. BestFastPay.com does not sell any currency / dollar itself, only acts as a medium.

15. If the order is not complete for some reason your money will be refunded in the sender account.

16. The User guarantees that he is not involved in:

- Operations on money laundering;

- receive income from drug trafficking;

- receipt of income from criminal and / or terrorist activities;

- income from trade with countries with which trade is forbidden by international organizations;

- income from any other illegal activity.